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Your partner for Affirmative Action Plans, Government Audits & Compliance Reviews, US Census, AAP Training, EEO-1 & VETS-4212 Reports, Disabilities & Veterans regulations.

Michael S. Albert, Esq., is an Attorney and Human Resources Consultantwho:

Mike’s clients range in size from 50 employees to severalthousand.  He writes Affirmative Action Plans for employerslocated in Greater Boston, including MetroWest, the North Shore, andthe South Shore and represents them at Affirmative Action ComplianceReviews.  He has clients in other parts of Massachusetts aswell as New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island.  Some of theseemployers have locations in other states and Mike takes care of thosePlans too.  He is fully equipped to prepare and defend anAffirmative Action Plan located anywhere in the United States, andhas.  His clients conduct business in all industries (exceptconstruction, which follow different regulations) including high tech,banking, manufacturing, and any other industry with a product orservice that the federal government purchases.

Employment laws and regulations constantly change.  Unless youhave someone on your staff dedicated to compliance, you shouldoutsource your Affirmative Action Plan.  Mike writesAffirmative Action Plans every day and keeps current on the latestregulations and how to interpret them as well as what the latest trendsare by the OFCCP when they audit an Affirmative Action Plan.

You want and need an Affirmative Action Plan that meets all theregulations but that allows you the flexibility to do it your way andthat expresses your company’s values.  Often thatmeans complying with the regulations that require having an AffirmativeAction Plan that is ready for an audit, maintaining applicant, hiring,promotion, and termination records, keeping your fingers crossed thatthe Affirmative Action Plan will never be audited, and going about yournormal HR business.  It’s noble to want to increasediversity, improve opportunities for women and minorities, veterans,and people with disabilities, and improve your company’sbottom line.  If you want to do that, the Affirmative ActionPlan can help.  But the truth is that most companies hire Miketo put together an Affirmative Action Plan that:

Mike’s clients rely on him as their partner and friend totell them the truth, to take care of them, and to keep themhonest.  Mike and his clients work together to follow therules in a practical way, to minimize their risks, to keep theGovernment out of their hair or to make the Government go away as soonas possible.  Mike’s clients rely on his judgmentand his integrity, based on his knowledge of them, their company, andother companies, as well as the law, to make the best recommendationsand decisions for them.

To learn whether Mike can handle your Affirmative Action complianceneeds, contact him!


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