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Overview of Consumers Relocation

  • Founded in 1993
  • Offering Household Goods Move Management nationally and internationally
  • Founded to provide the most cost effective, highest quality moving experience.
  • Each move competitively bid by up to 3 national van lines or international forwarders.
  • We offer auto, motorcycle and boat relocation
  • CRS sells moving, shipping and packing materials on our online box store

How it works

Each customer is assigned their own, personal Move Consultant.

Their consultant:
  • Guides them objectively through the move process
  • Acts as your moving advocate through the entire process
Each customer receives free of charge, our comprehensive proprietary Moving Facts booklet and is competitively bid by up to 3 van lines.
This offers your professionals:
  • Minimum pricing levels and flexibility by the van lines to price aggressively along with non peak rates
  • Discounts on interstate moves up to 66% on tariff rates (in some cases discounts as high as 70%)
  • Replacement valuation coverage up to $100,000 in value at no charge with no deductible on every move.
CRS prepares and presents to each customer/client a comprehensive, detailed analysis of all moving bids. We discuss this with the customer verbally and in writing if they wish. This enables the customer or client to make an educated decision on mover and timin. Our Consultants search for and work to correct inaccuracies in the estimates.
We insure a proper picture and pricing for every single move.Our Move Consultants offer claims assistance and help settle claims customers can avoid dealing with a claims department.

Benefits of Using CRS for your companies moves

We select movers for each move, not just by van line, but by the quality and performance of the local agent. In most parts of the country, we know not only the owner of the van lines, and contact at the local agent, but who the sales person is that will be providing the physical survey of your members household goods.
We offer through all of our contracts with national van lines a minimum of $125/day for late shipments. Some companies offer up to $150/day or actual expenses.
CRS’s model using up to 3 van lines for each move insures all transferees’ move dates can be accommodated. This also allows for full customization of each move since each van line has varying guidelines. We are able to insure the customer can move even during periods when some van lines have "blacked out” the dates for even national accounts and corporate moves.


Save up to 66% on interstate tariff rates. In some cases, customers can save as much as 70%. Replacement valuation coverage up to $100,000 in value at no charge with no deductible on every move. CRS offers non peak pricing all year long. We offer "guaranteed not to exceed pricing” as a normal course of business. $50 service fee is waived. Free shipping of moving materials when ordered from our online box store.


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