Gaucher Associates, Inc.





Who We Are
Gaucher Associates is one of the largest Human Resource Compliance consulting firms with offices across the United States. Since 1994, we've provided consulting services to hundreds of organizations nationwide.




We Specialize In:

  • Writing Affirmative Action Programs
  • Representation and Defense During an AAP Audit

Our unique combination of corporate, government and legal experience allows us to develop best-practice solutions, tailored to the specific needs of each individual client, with an understanding of the implementation and work steps that are necessary to make them effective. You can be confident that our detailed knowledge of OFCCP regulations and our technical expertise in data and statistical analysis will produce compliant AAPs, thus freeing your Human Resources personnel to focus on more strategic issues, such as outreach, communication, recruitment and other aspects of AA Program implementation

What We Do
We have designed and written thousands of Affirmative Action Programs and offer the following services in this area:

  • The strategic design and drafting of fully-compliant Affirmative Action Programs/Plans including all required elements under the most recent changes to federal regulations includingthe changes to new Veterans and Disabled AAP Regulations which became effective March 24,2014.
  • Assistance with the most difficult areas of AA compliance, such as design and implementation of applicant tracking processes, and identification of minority, female, veteran and disabled outreach/recruitment sources.

The OFCCP has aggressively increased the amount of audits being conducted each year. Gaucher Associates has represented and defended our clients at scores of OFCCP audits across the country and our role in this process varies. In the event your plan is selected for an audit, we would be available either as a consultant to offer background support, advice and assistance or to provide a letter of representation to deal directly with the OFCCP on your behalf during an on-site visit.


50 Oliver St Ste 212
N Easton, Massachusetts 2356
United States of America

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