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Our first order of business is intimately understanding yours. We get that clients are not clones and that one size, and one process, does not fit all. In fact, it doesn't even come close. We work with you at the very front end of a project to ensure we fully understand your unique needs, exactly what you're trying to achieve your organization and department-specific goals, and how talent procurement (for the short and/or long term) will contribute to you achieving them. We specialize in large volume staffing projects and we're just as committed to individual assignments because one great hire can be a game changer.

We get that different hiring managers within the same organization may have distinctly different hiring objectives. Efficiency and cost containment, hard-to-fill, niche skillset, short term, seasonal, permanent or subject matter expert (SME) hires have different meanings and criteria for every single hiring manager. We are just as accomplished at Direct Hire (permanent) placements as we are with Contract Consulting placements and we are committed to the streamlined engagement processes we have thoughtfully honed over our 30 year business history.

We welcome you to engage with us and experience our unique staffing solution.

The Hollister Institute

If we want to transform a business or personal relations, the work really begins with ourselves. The Hollister Institute provides customized programs that allow both individuals and teams to develop the skills to build and grow a culture of relationship and open communication.

We offer monthly programs and events as well as multi-day on or off-site sessions. We work around what is most convenient for you and/or your team. Our primary focus is to provide you with a different perspective and sometimes unconventional yet basic tools to help you, your organization or team achieve greatness. To learn more, click here.

Red Couch Coffee Chat

Welcome to Hollister Staffing's Red Couch Coffee Chat!

Hollister Staffing's Red Couch Coffee Chat Hosts are back each month with a new discussion geared towards job seekers, hiring managers and professionals. Check out our playlist for this fun and informational video series.




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