Performance Development, Inc.


Performance Development, Inc. is an executive coaching and leadership/organizational development consulting firm that helps organizations and individuals optimize their talent to achieve long-lasting, continuous improvement in business performance, skill development, and career management.

Founder and President, Elaine MacLellan helps organizations create, implement, and embed coaching and development programs that promote and sustain leadership growth. As a credentialed Executive Coach, Elaine helps leaders better recognize their greatest talents, and develop clarity, commitment, capability, creativity, and connections to contribute their best.

Clarity about performance expectations and perceptions

Commitment to ongoing learning and growth

Capability by developing and balancing competencies

Creativity in approach and practice

Connection with self and others

Elaine MacLellan

Executive Coach & OD Consultant

For over 25 years, Elaine MacLellan has been helping leaders and organizations optimize their talent and achieve broad-reaching, sustainable results.

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Executive Coaching & Assessment

We help executives, managers, and high-potentials increase their leadership capability, business performance, and career success by improving their self-awareness, better understanding their strengths and development opportunities, and focusing their development through targeted plans, practice, feedback, and support.

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Career Coaching

We help leaders/employees increase their career fit, satisfaction, and success by assessing their values, passions, and strengths, and providing guidance, resources, and support.

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Competency Modeling

We help organizations align talent with corporate strategy and clarify expectations by identifying and describing behaviors, skills, knowledge, and traits that define leadership and role success.

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Leadership Training

We help leaders gain essential knowledge and skills by developing and delivering relevant and engaging training courses, tools, and ongoing learning support.

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"Elaine is more than a coach; she is a great business partner. I have worked with Elaine over the course of two years. Elaine brings espirit de corps to her professional engagement through candor, holistic thinking, and a high level of professional experience in navigating the nuisance of leadership development. She is a subject matter expert, and worked directly with myself and my staff. She was helpful in not only developing the high level strategy or approach, but worked to help develop the tactical details of the execution plan. I wanted a plan that was real, practical, and produced results. Elaine worked tirelessly with my team, and was willing to put in the extra effort, which makes her a true professional. My team benefited greatly as Elaine was able to help them develop awareness of blind spots, and coached them effectively to reduce and manage their vulnerabilities. Each of my Directors was able to improve communication within their teams and with their customers. Overall, we were able to build a high level of trust in our department, which helped us become a high performing team."

Greg Montemurro

Senior Director of Quality and Manufacturing, Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.


"My relationship with Elaine goes beyond that of client and coach. Elaine is a friend, confidante, and partner. She is the quintessential executive coach and servant leader. She puts her family, friends and clients first. She is caring and compassionate, but can get to the heart of a problem with her insight, intuition, and business acumen. She brings out the best in people. I know this, because I witnessed her success firsthand. Elaine stays current, and continually adds tools to her toolbox to help meet the needs of her diverse client base. I recommend Elaine for any coaching engagement."

Robin Lucier

Senior Director of Quality and Manufacturing, Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.
(formerly client at Injured Workers Pharmacy)


"I cannot express my gratitude to Elaine on her guidance and insight. I would not be in the position I hold today without the powerful examination of my strengths and weaknesses. The tools she gave me years ago are still relevant, and I use them to this day. My career path speaks volumes of her guidance, commitment and honesty."

Karl Winkler

Co-Founder & Senior Vice President - Engineering, BeVrada Systems
(formerly Director of Research, Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.)


250 Central St.
Hudson, Massachusetts 01749
United States of America

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